Condell Park’s Sensory Activity

1At Kindy Patch Condell Park as an extension of the children’s interests in the outdoors and the use of their noses in smelling all of the wonderful flowers that they have planted; also extending on the conversation they had during group time with their educators yesterday, the children in the Kangaroo room took part in a special sensory activity today which focused on their sense of touch.

Exploring different materials and objects, the children were able to identify different textures and use their words productively in explaining the way the objects feel. We spontaneously then began discussing the weight of the objects as Zayne. C says “My rock is quite heavy Miss Sam,” proving to understand the concept of this activity well.

2The children take interest in this topic so Miss Sam and Miss Megan, decide to pull out the scale; having the children compare the weight of certain materials and hypothesise on which object they believe will pull the scale down. The Kangaroo’s display feelings of satisfaction and interest, as they take turns in gently dropping their rock into the scale.

“Miss Sam lets weigh the water,” Lilly suggests as she gives her opinion to the group. “Miss Sam I think the water will be heavier than the rock,” Mohamad says as he points at the water. “I don’t think so Miss Sam, I think the rock will be heavier,” Zayn. S adds. Their educators then weigh the objects and the children all scream – “Miss Sam, Miss Megan look, it’s the same!!

The Kangaroos really enjoyed going through with each material; as they go, discussing the texture. “Ouch Miss Sam!” Jonah says as he takes hold of the spikey pipe cleaner. “Miss Sam it’s so rough,” Mariah says as she runs one along her hands. “Miss Sam I really like this activity…My favourite rock is this red one,” Katelyn adds into the group discussion. Each child also explores the differences between hot and cold water; placing a hand in each jar of water and describing the differences in the way they feel. The Kangaroos really enjoy learning about their senses and learning about the different ways they used them in their everyday lives.

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