What does ‘school readiness’ mean during a pandemic?

We understand that 2020 has been a challenging year for all of us. We also understand many children will be beginning primary school next year and, after a year of disrupted learning, parents may be concerned about their child’s school readiness.

This is especially the case for those living in Melbourne, where children’s attendance at kindergarten for the last six months has been irregular or even non-existent.

If your child is preparing to attend school, you may be surprised by their level of ‘school readiness’ – especially their enthusiasm to engage in learning.

Popular belief is that school readiness is defined by a child’s ability to count, write and know their ABCs. However, this is not the case, pandemic or no pandemic! In fact, preparation for school should focus on a child’s social and emotional development, self-regulation and learning dispositions.

Want to know more? Check out the below ParentTV video from neuroscience educator Nathan Wallis.


More on how we help with school-readiness

Our school readiness curriculum focuses on the 6 ‘C’s; Confidence, Creativity, Curiosity, Cooperation, Commitment, & Communication and the 3 ‘I’s; Improvisation, Investigation, Imagination.

We adapt our curriculum to accommodate each individual child’s learning and development to contribute to their enthusiasm, motivation, and ability to learn. We are committed to supporting your child to gain the necessary skills and dispositions needed for a successful transition into school.

By offering verbal interactions, encouragement, additional ideas, resources and thoughtful reflections, our educators guide children to develop and extend on their existing skills and knowledge. Developing a positive view of themselves as learners is essential for children to be inspired, motivated and progressive in their learning, benefitting them both in early education and all their future schooling years.


Why play-based learning is so important

The benefits of play are often underestimated, however extensive research confirms play as being most instrumental to learning in the early years. Play assists children to develop foundational skills in maths, science, arts, language and literacy – through engaging in water play, painting, singing songs, shared reading, cooking, adventuring outside, and so much more. Children develop their lifelong dispositions as they engage in play with their friends, guided by our skilled educators.

Put simply, play enriches the lives of children as they navigate the intricacies and the wonders of the world around them. We recognise and value the importance of play in developing children’s creativity, social skills, emotional regulation and communication. In the year before school, we support children to make new discoveries by providing well-resourced environments, socialising with their friends, engaging in meaningful conversations and creating connections in new learning experiences.


Let us support your child

It’s not too late to enrol your child in one of our kindergarten or preschool programs, or if they are already enrolled, ensuring they hold their place. Let us support your child to develop a positive view of themselves as a learner as they engage with their friends in our purposefully designed learning environments.

Please feel free to chat to us about securing your space over the coming months, or find out more about our kindergarten and preschool program.

We look forward to empowering your child as they take the leap into the next stage of their learning!