Condell Park’s week that was.

1We had a very productive week at Kindy Patch Condell Park, where the children took part in many activities. The cockatoo’s began some new Christmas art today; painting recycled toilet paper rolls – making trunks in order to create Christmas trees.

“Oh no friends, we don’t have brown paint,” Miss Sam says, with the hopes that the children could come up with a solution. “That’s okay Miss Sam, why don’t you mix some colours together to make brown? I do this at my home,” Harry adds as he listens in to his teacher. “Good idea Harry!” Miss Sam mixes together a little bit of orange and black paints, and stirs them well. “Look Miss Sam, its brown now!” Katelyn adds excitedly from a short distance away.

Mariah takes a seat on the art table and is the first to paint her tree trunk. “Miss Sam, I will put my fingers inside and hold it so I can paint better,” Mariah says as she spreads her fingers inside the toilet roll to keep it stable. Once she is finished she places her trunk on the side to dry, takes a baby wipe and wipes away her mess, before taking another to wipe the paint off her hands. Mariah displays an understanding of problem solving and also takes part in hygiene practices to ensure she is always neat and tidy. She has influenced many of her friends to behave in the same manner – cleaning and packing away after they have finished with an activity.

3The cockatoo’s were introduced to our ‘Help yourself, art table’  This table has an art book, different coloured paints, coloured tooth picks, glitter, paint brushes, coloured paper, crayons, markers  and pencils. This table is for the children to go and be able to express what their interested in and what they like to draw. The variety of materials provided to the children allows them to transfer their imagination on paper at any time of the day; the availability and welcoming nature of this concept, allows for growth in the creative area of their development.

Home corner was a big hit with Hailie, Elias, Xavier, Caroline, Omar and Hassan who displayed much enthusiasm as they laughed and shared this enjoyable experience. The children displayed satisfaction within themselves and their peers as they cooked for one another, showcasing their abilities to empathise and share emotion within a small group experiences.

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