Yoga at KP Forresters Beach

This year we have started learning Yoga in the Dolphin room.   “O.K everybody spread out and make sure you have enough room to do our Yoga exercise” said Caz.   


All the children stood up from group time and found their personal space facing Caz. Placing the Body Poetry Yoga cards up on the clip board stand, Caz introduced each pose to the children demonstrating with easy to follow steps.  “This one is called the sprinkler”, said Caz while she demonstrated to the children by picking her right foot up from behind with her right hand and holding her left hand high in the air. While going through a few more Yoga poses, all the children followed with great enthusiasm. During each pose excited little voices would yell out “Look Caz, I can do it”, “I can do it to”, “Look at me Caz, look at me”. Coming up to the favourite pose of all Caz asked if Ella, Maya and Amelia would like to come up and help her with the Rocket Ship pose. Very happy to help out the girls all stood up the front of the class with Caz to strike a pose!

The children are all very excited to join in with our class room Yoga exercises. Taking responsibility for their health and physical wellbeing the children combine gross motor movement with balance. Yoga is a perfect exercise for young children because it promotes physical health and mental discipline. The children demonstrate spatial awareness and orient themselves, moving around and through their environment confidently and safely. After learning Yoga for the last three week, the children have started to come up to Caz and ask her if its yoga time. Also during the day they would stand up in front of the Yoga display board copying the poses that are displayed.  Parents come in each day talking about the yoga poses the children are showing them at home.

Links to the EYLF:   3.2

Body Poetry: Yoga Cards  –  Great for Exercising in the Class  Room

  • Promoting Concentration
  • Developing Gross Motor Skills
  • Integrating Exercise with Language Art
  • Dramatic Play

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