More sensory activities at Condell Park

1The children of the Kangaroo room at Kindy Patch Condell Park have really enjoyed our focus topics and as an extension of our topic – senses. The children have been learning a song about our five sense and the things we can do with them. Miss Sam and Miss Megan have also been extending on this topic through daily activities and giving the children access to these activities throughout the week.

After sitting for a group time today, based on the 5 senses (books, songs and discussions) the children went off to play. “Look Miss Sam, I am playing gently with these rocks so I don’t hurt anyone,” Harry points out as he calmly and solitarily plays at the activity (Sensory table); pointing out the consequences for harmful play.

Zayn and Mohamad also explore this area of the room and later move on to the x-ray board, where they investigate all of their favourite x-rays and use their magnifying glasses to further enhance their experience. Carmen, Andy, Mariah and Katelyn also join their peers at the sensory and interests corner, where they travel along the benches, exploring all the aspects of our topics.

7Carmen and Andy interact with one another about the insect moulds and pass them between themselves saying “ta, thankyou.” Carmen later moves away from this activity and keeps herself occupied at the farm set, however instead of playing with the actual animals, she makes use of the rocks and with her imagination; uses the rocks to make music. As she bounces the rocks between her hands and the floor she sings along to the beat of ‘5 grey elephants,’ a song we had previously sang during our group time.

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