Room Environments at Camden

1Here at Kindy patch Camden we have been working on making the room environments more of a homely and sustainable friendly place to be for the children as well as providing opportunities for the children to grow and develop skills through exploring and fun play while feeling secure.

In the 2-3 years room this week we have been trailing out a new self – help craft table, over the last couple of weeks staff have got involved and been collecting recycled jars from home such as coffee, and assorted spread jars after they were washed out we then used recycled jars in our rooms to hold different craft objects such as paddle pop sticks, straws, coloured shape papers, cellophane etc., natural resources were also added to the table which the children can use during craft such as wooden log blocks which the children used to trace around earlier on during the week and different shells. So far in our room this idea has been fantastic for our children as they have happily and freely exploring this area using their resources for different craft activities, having these new resources out on display has not only encouraged self – help and independence skills but also creative skills.

2Next in our room we are focusing on adding more plants and trees to help in providing our room with that homely and sustainable friend feel we are focusing on as well as providing the children with opportunities to learn about respect for the environment and how everyone contributes to this. 

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