Kindy Patch’s Homemade Bird Feeders!

All Natural Bird Feeders!

There are many ways to give back to nature, and one of the best ways to help limit your back garden’s impact on the environment is to make it more convenient for the animals that sometimes inhabit it! This month we are looking at exciting bird feeders that can be made from only a few components including large citrus fruits, string, and bird seed! This activity is mutually beneficial as you get to enjoy the delicious nutrients in the fruit before you share them with your feathered friends!

Things You’ll Need:

  • Large citrus fruits
  • String
  • Bird seed
  • A knife for cutting

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  1. Slice the citrus fruit in two and scoop out the insides of the orange / lemon / grapefruit until you’re left with two hemispherical bowls
  2. Using the knife, gently twist small holes into either side of the citrus bowls, just large enough for some string to fit through
  3. Loop your string through the holes and tie small knots to keep them in check
  4. Test your bowls by hanging them off your arm, ensuring that the knots hold
  5. Fill with your choice of bird seed
  6. Hang on a nearby garden tree and leave to rest!
  7. Birds are patient creatures so don’t expect to see birds flap in immediately – give them time and your feathered friends will reward you with gorgeous birdsong after they’ve had their fill!

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