Queanbeyan brings Christmas to the local community

Some of the Pre-schoolers at Kindy Patch Queanbeyan have been talking about what they want for Christmas and what Santa is bringing them. Our Educator, Brodee told them that there were some children who are not as lucky as they were and don’t get many things for Christmas This began a discussion about what they could do to help!


It was decided that we could give some money to help these children out or we could draw a picture for them. Jenny came in and the Pre-schoolers told her their ideas and then suggested a special idea. Our Centre Manager, Jenny told them that we can buy them a special present to leave under the Kmart Wishing Tree and they loved the idea!!

Our friend, Centre Manager Abby from Crest Road drove us down in her bus and we went into Kmart and split into 2 groups. We found something special for a girl and for a boy and we wrote on the card from everyone at Kindy Patch Queanbeyan.

We then went to Woolworths as we decided to keep the giving going. Jenny has organised for some of us to go to the Goodwin Day Club next week so we can take some home made biscuits to the elderly that attend the club. So we went and bought all the ingredients that we needed. Riley’s Mum Amanda was working that day and we were very lucky, as she bought us all a chocolate coin. Then we hopped back onto the bus ready to go back to school.

At Kindy Patch we are all about giving back to our wonderful community.

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