Recent learning experiences at Kindy Patch Tenambit

How it all began…

Since the beginning of 2018, the children in the Pre-School room at Kindy Patch Tenambit have developed an interest in maps, signs and roads.
This has turned into an ongoing investigation and learning project for the group. After following many avenues with this topic each week, the group decided that it was time to head out of the centre. We decided to explore our local community, and investigate the roads and signs are around us.
The children assisted their educators Casey and Tanya to plan out the route they would take and discussed what they might find. We even spoke about the safety measures we require as pedestrians. 

Our excursion 

On the day of the excursion, the children had put on their yellow safety vests. They waited patiently for Casey to call their name to hold our safety rings on the rope.
Within this moment, the children took responsibility for their own learning as they showed patience and their ability to follow instructions.
During the excursion the children showed an increasing understanding of pedestrian safety. Everyone held onto the safety ring rope at all times, and followed the verbal instructions from the teachers.
As the group made our way past the shops, many of the children made comments about what the shops were and what we could buy from them.
They also talked about their own experiences at the shops and continued to transfer their understanding from one context to another.

Moving foward 

Upon arrival back at Kindy Patch, the Pre-school Children sat as a group and discussed what they had seen whilst walking around the community.
The children demonstrated their ability to use observational skills, and recall and retell events.
Our educators Tanya and Casey were very proud of how well all of the children did on our excursion!
As the children develop their understanding of the world around them, we are now engaging in discussions about catching the bus. This involves talking about all the procedures and steps we need to follow when doing so. 
Stay tuned for our excursions in the future! 

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