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About Us

Kindy Patch West Ipswich Early Education Centre is an open and spacious centre filled with charm and character that will ensure your children play and learn in a relaxed but stimulating environment.

West Ipswich Child & Day Care Near Me - Kindy PatchThe childcare centre in Ipswich provides care and education for children aged six weeks to six years and is open from 6:30 am to 6:00 pm. We are a Queensland Government Approved Kindergarten provider.

Our experienced and qualified educators provide specialised programs based on the Early Years Learning Framework including a specialised Pre-Prep program; aimed at preparing the children for school and beyond.

In addition to quality educational programs, the childcare centre provides a courtesy bus service and nutritious meals for morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea.

For any enquiries call the centre today or just drop in and talk to one of our friendly team members.

West Ipswich Preschool & Kindergarten - Kindy Patch

Our childcare centre proudly offers a kindergarten/preschool program to ensure your child is supported for their transition to school every step of the way. With a focus on language, literacy, numeracy, social skills and more your child will become school ready.

Director Profile

Kelsey Pettersen

West Ipswich Childcare Centre Manager - Kindy PatchI began my career in early childhood education and care in 2011 and started working at Kindy Patch West Ipswich in 2020. I hold a Diploma in Children’s Services and am currently studying towards my Bachelor of Early Education.

I have always loved working with children and helping them develop their emerging personalities and skills. I enjoy building relationships with the children and families within the childcare centre and really making it a home away from home.

Every child is different in the way they learn, you have to be adaptable and be able to change your approach on the spot to suit their emerging needs. I have worked on furthering my knowledge and skills regarding children through studying and hands-on experience. I work directly with the children and families as we navigate their time within the centre to create a safe place where strong connections can be built to help them develop the skills they need for life.

Sending your child to an Early Education centre can be taboo or scary for some people but the learning that the children experience is 100% worth it. We use the developmental checklists to ensure children are socially and emotionally ready for their next journey. The Kindergarten Room ensure they are ready to tackle the challenges of Prep with confidence and at ease all while building secure relationships within a home away from home setting.

All of our staff are long term educators who take pride in their relationships with all children and families. The educators work hard and are very dedicated to the centre and are available for any of your needs! Our educators hold a wealth of knowledge and enjoy getting involved in their community.

Our team understands just how important your children are to you and we ensure we take our responsibilities seriously. Kindy Patch has extensive policy and procedures in place to assist our team in protecting children in our care.

We support families simply by being always available to them, having an open-door policy. We hold breakfast in the car park once a month for all children and families. We take the time to get to know them and their individual needs.

We understand that starting at a new centre can be overwhelming and that is why from the very first enquiry, we make sure that we address all your questions one by one. We walk families through all the forms and administration that need to be done, this includes enrolment forms, Child Care Subsidy (CCS), explaining subsidies, government caps, centre schedules, our centre menu and more.

Welcome to Kindy Patch West Ipswich.



Our centre provides care for the following age groups:

Nursery Toddler Kindy Senior Kindy Preschool
6 weeks – 15 months 15 months-2 years  2-3 years  2.5-4 years  4-5 years


Our service provides the following facilities:

  • Courtesy Bus
  • Morning tea
  • Lunch
  • Afternoon tea
  • Other meals
  • On-site parking
  • Dance Program – Zumba
  • Classroom technology (computers)
  • Fully air-conditioned
  • Large, natural play environments
  • Soccer Program


Reviews and Testimonials

See what some of our parents say about our centres:

As a professional who works in Child Safety, it was very important for me to find a childcare centre that ticked all my boxes, but Kindy Patch West Ipswich does just that! The Director is very welcoming and personable, with time to speak to everyone, including any concerns or questions you may have. The staff are great, the kids love it, they get supplied with nutritious meals and have fun taking part in the daily activities. All the staff know each and every child’s name, which to me proves that they go above and beyond the call of duty. I’d have no hesitation in recommending this childcare centre, our kids love it, and so do we!”

– JT

Love this Daycare, I have 3 girls & all of them have attended this Daycare Centre. The staff are wonderful & supportive, they take the time to get to know each child, so you don’t just feel like another number. I know that in the morning when I drop them off, that they are going to have a great day. Even on the Girls days off they want to go to Daycare! So that tells you the Staff are doing a great job. Great carers, great facilities, free bus service & meals are provided. Ticks all the boxes!”

– Stephanie

Our son attends Kindy Patch 3 days a week and has been there for about 9 months now. I’ve always found the staff to be caring as he went through some pretty heavy separation anxiety (and still does). I was the kind of mum who didn’t want to put my kids into daycare, thinking it was not beneficial for them at all. Let’s just say that my perspective is now quite different. My son has learnt so much from being at Kindy Patch – about manners, about interacting with other people, and also in terms of learning songs, shapes, numbers, objects etc. I also love the room leader, who is just so lovely and caring and gives advice when I ask how to deal with a certain issue that has popped up (i.e. hitting others etc). Overall I recommend Kindy Patch as a child care and education provider and commend the staff on their commitment to work in an extremely busy role with such caring and nurturing attitudes.”

– Elise

Since having our two little ones in Kindy Patch, they have come a long way. Their social skills and language skills have improved so much, and they are enjoying being there. The staff there are great and very easy to talk to. The centre is bright and clean and they have great resources for the children to use and play with. Our little ones have a great relationship with their teachers there as well. A great centre :)”

– Maryanne

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We’d love to welcome you to one of our Kindy Patch centres. If you would like to register your interest in a place at Kindy Patch West Ipswich, please fill out the form below. One of our educators will then be in touch to discuss your needs.

Please note: filling in this form does not guarantee a place. We recommend visiting a centre for a tour and meeting our friendly educators.