6 ways to share kindness in the community right now

These are unprecedented times that can cause stress and anxiety for families, with many unsure how to handle their new life circumstances.

However, it doesn’t have to be all bad! If your family is healthy, with a bit of time on your hands at home, why not take the opportunity to engage in a fun activity together that spreads some happiness and love in the world?

We need all the positivity we can get right now, and here are six ways to spread it while also respecting social distancing and new regulations.

Paint. Draw. Write.

Encourage your child to do a painting or write a letter and send it to relatives that you may not have seen in some time. Or take a picture of the artwork, along with a voice recording of your child explaining the story behind the painting!

Many of the children of our centres have been creating artwork for residents at aged care facilities to brighten their days. If you have some spare time, why not take some inspiration to create some special, colourful pieces and share them with the residents of your local nursing home or retirement home, raising everyone’s spirits in the process?

Join the #rainbowtrail or teddy bear hunt

These movements have been sweeping the world, and our centres have been writing some beautifully inspirational messages to spread positivity and happiness in the world. Simply grab sidewalk chalk, or use our puffy paint recipe to create your very own rainbow on the sidewalk outside your home. One of our personal favourite messages to share is, “we’re all in this together!”

You might also like to position a teddy bear in a window that faces out to the street, and encourage neighbours to do the same. Those in your community can practice social distancing while taking a stroll to spot the rainbows and teddies.

Skype friends

Think of a compliment that you’ve been meaning to share with a friend – then get on a video chat and tell them. Or schedule in a birthday party celebration for someone who might be sad about not getting to celebrate their special day. Read our top tips for celebrating the big and little moments while self-isolating here.

Get baking

With supermarkets beginning to return to regular supplies of baking supplies, why not take inspiration from one of our favourite centre recipes and bake something delicious to drop off on a friend’s doorstep – complete with personalised note?

Contribute to a good cause

Such as the GoFundMe page “Buy them a coffee” – set up to help local HealthCare professionals by buying them a coffee, tea or snack during the COVID-19 crisis. The team behind this fundraisers serves coffee, tea and treats at many different hospitals thanks to the funds used. Find it here.

Express gratitude

Being cooped up at home is socially responsible, but may also be challenging. As a result, use this time to practice gratitude within the household and list the things you are grateful for. It might be something as small as the sun shining through the window, or the dinner you’re looking forward to making and eating together – but research shows just how positive an impact gratitude can have on the brain!

How are you continuing to spread kindness and positivity during this time?