A merry COVID Christmas: How we brought young and old together

2020 has been an emotional year for us all. We’ve faced overwhelming situations which have taken us out of our comfort zone, causing us to adapt, improvise and overcome.

Recently, that’s exactly what one of our sister centres, Great Beginnings Epping, did with their very special neighbours from the Epping Gardens Aged Care Facility.

Being located close to one another, the centre would normally plan regular visits. However, this year, all gatherings and excursions to the nursing home had to come to a stop.

Determined to not let the COVID Grinch ruin Christmas, Great Beginnings Epping organised for a safe visit of the residents to the front of the centre to celebrate. Much to the surprise of the little ones, they spotted their special friends at the centre gate in wheelchairs and walkers, ready to revel in the Christmas spirit!

In true 2020 style, celebrations were done together, but apart. A safety plan was mapped out, and despite remaining safely separated by the fence, the day saw youngest and oldest generations came together to sing Christmas carols and enjoy the joyful clanging of drums and bells.

There’s no doubt that a lot of tears of joy were shed. “The children were so happy to see them and wanted to do something special together for Christmas,” says Celia, Centre Manager.

“They have been busy making beautiful cards to give to them at the party and although we have to keep the children and visitors separated, we are all just happy to see each other again.”

Not only did the faces of the residents light up on seeing their little friends, but the day was extra special to many children in the centre who haven’t been able to spend time with their own grandparents this year.

Centre Manager Celia said: “There will be a time when we can go back to regular visits. It’s not yet, but this is a moment we will all cherish.”

This year, you might be celebrating the festive season with your families physically apart, but together at heart. We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!