7 of our favourite rainy day activities for children

When it’s cold, wet and wintry outside, the last thing you may want to do is venture outside your front door.

If you’re not too keen to pull your gumboots and raincoats on, here’s a list of our favourite activities for children that are equally fun indoors as they are outside.

All you’ll need is items that already exist in your home, and maybe a quick look inside the pantry for some ingredients.


Make a ‘rainy day’ box

Also known as a ‘create kit’, to pull out for all kinds of different activities. Start by going on a treasure hunt in your home, looking for items to create with. Here’s a list of items you might find to kick off the beginnings of your new, special ‘rainy day’ box.


Craft up some gratitude cards

Making gratitude cards is a beautiful way to engage with loved ones – especially those you may not have seen due to COVID-19. Begin by talking with your child about the people in their life they might be missing at the moment, and write down what you love about them – then post the cards off for maximum fun. Read more about the gratitude card activity here.


Make homemade pasta – yes, really!

Exploring recipes and making food together can motivate children to taste the ingredients, sample along the way and enjoy the finished products. We promise homemade pasta is easier than it sounds, and it’s the perfect way to involve children in the cooking process. Click here for simple pasta recipe and a delicious sauce to go with it.


Try an online workout

You don’t have to be outdoors to get a great workout – and when the backyard or the park isn’t a possibility due to wet weather, why not take advantage of all the free workouts that have popped up online? Find our list of the best ones here.


Explore the bright world of music

Children are born into a world of sound and movement, and music is an incredible resource for supporting children to develop listening skills, concentration, coordination and so much more. There’s a huge range of free resources online and we’ve also come up with some activities to go with them. Check out the full list here.


Read a book with astronauts

We know shared reading experiences with children offer valuable opportunities for them to explore the joy of reading. Now just imagine being read to by an astronaut – out in space! Well, here you go.


Get inspired by monsters

The best thing about monsters is that they’re not limited to staying outdoors! Bring the monster inspiration inside to try our fun ‘monster feet’ activity, featuring positional language to inspire movement and your child’s imagination. Check it out here.


Need more inspiration for activities and recipes to make with children at home? Check out our range on our Community Cubby, all tried and tested in our centres.